Friday 18 January 2019

Here is what happened when Joe Brolly and Paul Kimmage went for a pint after the All Ireland final

Sunday Independent columnists Joe Brolly and Paul Kimmage
Sunday Independent columnists Joe Brolly and Paul Kimmage

David Smith

“As we approached, the roar started. Then became a chant. I blew kisses. They went wild.”

This is what happened when Joe Brolly tried to go for a pint with Paul Kimmage after last week’s All Ireland football final. The Derry man describes the intense public attention he attracts in his Sunday Independent column today, and it makes for a fascinating read.

Brolly describes how he convinced fellow Sunday Independent columnist Kimmage to go for a few pints, and how Kimmage was stunned by the chanting and abuse directed at the pundit.

“For Jesus sake Joe, this is mental.”

Brolly, however, has become immune to it all.

“I don’t even notice it any more. A big crowd of lads drinking outside a terrace were chanting my name and giving the bird and the fingers and other signs that aren’t even allowed post-watershed. A crowd from Mayo intercepted me for selfies. I was introduced to a group of disabled adults in their county colours. ”

Kimmage wanted to go home at this stage, but Brolly dragged him to Mulligan’s pub. The duo grabbed a lift with the guards to Poolbeg Street in comical fashion.

“Give us a lift boys, or we’ll write about you in next week’s paper."

“Fuck this, I’m away,” said Kimmage when he saw the massive crowd roaring at Brolly’s arrival. Brolly is asked for dozens of selfies, and compares the situation to the Eoin McLove episode in Father Ted.

“The squad gathered round for photos roaring ‘What do you think of that Joe Brolly?’”’

Despite all the attention, things eventually calmed down, and Joe was able to go inside for a pint.

“When it eventually calmed down a bit, I was able to stand out on the street with a crowd of men from various clubs. One of them said to me, quite seriously, ‘Jaysus Joe, you should think about how to monetise this.’ Which sums up what has gone wrong with Irish society.”

All that for a pint.

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