Friday 15 November 2019

'He should have said what he thought to Mickey's face ' - Marc Ó Sé takes aim at 'snitch' Sean Cavanagh

Marc Ó Sé and Sean Cavanagh took each other on for the final time in January
Marc Ó Sé and Sean Cavanagh took each other on for the final time in January Newsdesk Newsdesk

Kerry legend Marc Ó Sé has hit out at Sean Cavanagh over his recent comments about Tyrone boss Mickey Harte and a flashpoint when the pair last met in competition.

Things got heated between Ó Sé and Cavanagh during the e All-Ireland Intermediate Football Championship between Moy and An Gaeltacht in January when the former Tyrone star appealed to a linesman to act on an off-the-ball incident. Éanna Ó Chonchúir was subsequently sent off and Moy pulled off a shock win.

"Afterwards he explained away the incident by saying that if I was in his boots. I would have done the same thing. Well, here's the thing, if I was in his boots I wouldn't have gone running snitching to a linesman looking for a fellow player to be sent off," he wrote in his column in the Irish Mail On Sunday.

"I am not trying to sell myself as a virtue of honour - I have reddened the ears of many a referee loooking for a free here and a foul called over there - but I have never, ever, sought to have an opponent sent off.

"If the referee misses something then you suck it in and let it add fuel to your fire. We talk about manliness in our game but where is the manliness in trying to get a referee to sort out your problem."

Ó Sé was also heavily critical of Cavanagh's recent criticism of Harte.

Cavanagh retired from inter-county duty last year, and recently described his former manager as 'autocratic', claiming some of Tyrone's talented attackers had suffered under Harte's tactics.

"The lowest blow of all was Cavanagh's suggestion that Harte's management style was too autocratic for Tyrone's good," he added.

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"For pity's sake, he was the captain, the voice of the players, who should have made himself heard if that was true.

"He should have said what he thought to Harte's facxe, rather than mouth off behind his back."

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