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'Hat' offence thrown at ref

A leading inter-county referee is understood to have had two marks docked from an assessment because one of his umpires wore a hat for a period of time during the match they were officiating at.

Under guidelines, all umpires must be uniformly attired and because the other umpires were not wearing hats at the same time, the guideline may have been breached.

The match took place in recent weeks and will be grist to the mill for those who are convinced that assessors are placing far too much pressure on the men in the middle.

Tyrone manager Mickey Harte was the latest to add his voice to that debate with his comments after his team drew with Meath in their last league match. The referee in question is one of the 18 championship referees that constitute the inter-county panel for 2011, but refused to confirm the assessment when contacted yesterday.

Irish Independent