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Hamstring victim Brogan will be fit for Wexford


Bernard Brogan, pulls up with an injury during the first half of Dublin's match with Laois

Bernard Brogan, pulls up with an injury during the first half of Dublin's match with Laois

Bernard Brogan, pulls up with an injury during the first half of Dublin's match with Laois

Bernard Brogan has allayed fears about the hamstring injury that caused him to pull up in Croker last Sunday.

The 2010 Footballer of the Year had to be withdrawn after just 24 minutes of Dublin's Leinster quarter-final against Laois.

He has a history of serious problems with his left hamstring that makes any tightness raise alarm bells. But he was confident yesterday that he pulled up in time before doing too much damage and is hopeful of making their Leinster SFC semi-final with Wexford on June 29.

"I was lucky enough, I got a warning, I took a bit of a spurt and I just got a bit of a tweak. In the past I've had a couple of really bad hamstring injuries where I went full tilt and tore it altogether," he said, referring to tearing the same hamstring in 2008.

"But I know my body and I feel like I didn't do major damage," Brogan stressed. "The physios will make the call later on if I need a scan, but hopefully it's on a 10-day to two-weeks job."

Brogan has actually played very little competitive football this season as he was troubled with a groin injury for most of the league.

He finally made his return, off the bench, in the league semi-final and the Division 1 final against Derry was actually the first game he started this year.

He revealed that he uses yoga as one of the techniques to take care of his troublesome hamstring.

"It's a hard one when you've had it before, it's one of those things that never goes away. Don't they say Ryan Giggs hasn't sprinted after he turned 30?" he quipped. "Hopefully I don't have to do the same but it's not something major this time.

"I'd be hoping that I'm back in the mix for the next day. You lose a place on this team and you mightn't get back into it. The competition is so heavy that you have to take every chance you get."

Sunday's stiff opening test from Laois indicated the challenge Dublin will face in trying to defending their All-Ireland title, something they failed to do in 2012.

But their forward ace believes they are better placed to defend it this time. "The key lesson we took from 2012 is to learn as you go along, learn from mistakes, instead of getting a win and papering over the cracks," he said.

"We've had that year to learn from, we've been through it and know we have to take each game now separately, that's what worked when we won the All-Irelands, we took each game separately.

"We've six steps and each game is a step. That's how we'll take Wexford. If you look past any game you'll end up in the dirt."

Brogan revealed that Jim Gavin had some firm words with his players at the interval.

"We didn't expect any less from Laois, they always put it up to us but half-time came when we needed it, we could get in and regroup.

"Jim said, 'lads we want to win this game, whether it's win ugly or win pretty, you just have to get out of this game by a point or more' so that was the main thing."

Brogan said Dublin will thoroughly dissect last Sunday's performance because, "we went wrong for a lot of it. You have to analyse it because Wexford will come with similar questions to what Laois did and we're going to have to have some answers, you have to learn from your mistakes.

"But we'll take a lot out of that game," he said. "If you go through Leinster hammering everyone by 20 points you're not going to learn anything. We need every game to be as competitive as that was, to ask us as many questions."

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