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Gooch points to hawk-eye

Hawk-Eye score-detection technology is due to be given a trial run at Dublin's next Spring Series game against Mayo but it would have had the perfect material for experiment on Saturday, when a Colm 'Gooch' Cooper point attempt at the Hill 16 end in the 54th minute was declared wide, writes COLM KEYS.

Incensed by the judgment, Cooper rushed to the linesman on the Hogan Stand side -- who had the best view of the line of flight -- to appeal for intervention. He was joined by an equally frustrated Jack O'Connor.

Afterwards O'Connor was not making an issue of the decision but did admit that it was "another notch in the bow for the technology".

"That certainly looked like a point to me and a lot of other people on that side of the pitch but, look, I don't want to begrudge Dublin their win. That's only splitting hairs. We still had a couple of chances after that," O'Connor admitted.

He had a supporter for that view in Pat Gilroy, who also felt it was a legitimate point.

"Being honest it looked like a point," Gilroy said.

From the Hogan Stand upper deck it was difficult to determine for certain, but it would have been interesting to see what conclusion the technology would have drawn.

It was Dublin's first senior victory over Kerry at Croke Park since October 1993 when the sides played there in a league match.

Meanwhile, the Central Competitions Control Committee may choose to consult with referee Marty Duffy and ask him to review the incidents which took place at the very end of the match as Bryan Sheehan lined up a free kick from 45 metres out.

Eoghan O'Gara clashed with Marc O Se and the Dublin full-forward reacted angrily to the close attentions of the Kerry defender.

Although the incident happened close to the referee and his linesman, who chose not to take any action, the video evidence may throw a different light on matters.

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