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'Gooch' out to avoid elite losing group

Kerry football is full of exclusive clienteles which, given its huge success rate, is hardly surprising.

However, there's one group of men who've had the rather unfortunate experience of captaining the county to defeat in an All-Ireland final.

It's been a pretty distinguished bunch over the last 35 years, featuring Tomas and Darragh O Se (2008, 2002 respectively), Declan O'Sullivan (2005), John Egan (2002) and John O'Keeffe (1976).

All of which turns the spotlight on Colm Cooper, the latest Kerry captain to try his case. Naturally, the whole of Kerry is pointing out that the 'Gooch' deserves to get his hands on Sam Maguire, but then the same applied to all of the previous captains who missed out.

Sentiment doesn't count on All-Ireland final day, not even when Kerry are involved.

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