Sunday 18 March 2018

Getting to grips with gloves debate

The level of sophistication involved in team preparations in football is developing to amazing levels, and now it seems even the equipment used by players is being forensically examined in an effort to gain an advantage.

You might think the gloves players often wear would not be of critical importance, but you would be wrong.

The GAA equivalent in Aussie Rules is the AFL and they recently commissioned research in response to concerns about some gloves providing wearers with an unfair advantage.

I kid you not. Aussie Rules players rarely use gloves and if they do, it is usually only on one hand. But now six well-known brands of gloves are to be banned because they have a material in them – silicon used in the palm of the glove – which gives an unfair advantage.

Included on the list are gloves from manufacturers like Nike, Cloke and Gilbert.

Surprisingly, the research found that gloves with the silicon provided greater grip under dry conditions than in wet weather.

We can be sure the academics involved in GAA team preparations will be eagerly following these reports.

Irish Independent

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