Galway to restrict All-Ireland final ticket sales to members of clubs

John Fallon

GAA officials in Galway have introduced a bye-law which will restrict the sale of All-Ireland final tickets to only fully paid-up and registered members of clubs.

The move is an effort to prevent casual supporters getting All-Ireland final tickets ahead of genuine GAA fans.

Galway County Board chairman Noel Treacy said that they had introduced the new law to ensure that GAA members did not lose out.

He said that with 27,600 registered members of the GAA in Galway, they were only able to cater for one-third of these with the allocation given to the county from Croke Park when they reach a senior final.

"We have a duty to cater for our real supporters. We only get an amount of tickets and that would not satisfy one-third of our official membership," Treacy said.

"We want to ensure that only currently paid-up and annually registered GAA club members will qualify to be considered for All-Ireland final tickets."

Treacy encouraged clubs to recruit the fans as members and warned supporters that they would not receive tickets unless they joined a GAA club.