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Galway give green light to Cunningham


Anthony Cunningham will lead Galway for a fifth season

Anthony Cunningham will lead Galway for a fifth season

Diarmuid Greene / SPORTSFILE

Anthony Cunningham will lead Galway for a fifth season

Anthony Cunningham has been reappointed as Galway senior hurling manager and will take charge of the Tribesmen in 2016 for a fifth year.

Cunningham, who has led Galway to two All-Ireland final appearances in his four years at the helm, was ratified by the Galway County Committee last night.

Football manager Kevin Walsh, who was appointed last year for three seasons, was also ratified at the meeting, as was minor hurling manager Jeffrey Lynskey, who led Galway to the All-Ireland title earlier this month with a squad which will have 14 members available again next year.

Meanwhile, an increase of ¤1.7m for the GAA, between gate receipts and commercial revenues, has been signalled by the Gaelic Players Association if their inter-county fixture proposals were to get the green light.

The GPA are currently balloting their membership on a draft they have been working on for some time and will present for public consumption later this week.

The proposals aim to provide seeding links between League and provincial championships and a new All-Ireland series that would incorporate eight groups of four playing off over five weekends between June and July.

Under the GPA proposals provincial championships would be played off over six weeks in April and May after a league that would no longer be decided by finals. The number of games would increase from 64 to 91 and with that would come a commercial spin off.

But the rationale behind the proposals stems from a growing sentiment towards a need for change.

The GPA see windows of opportunity for club activity, with 24 teams projected to be out of competition by mid-July.

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