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Galvin to miss Finuge’s biggest day

KERRY football star Paul Galvin will sit out the biggest game in his club's history due to suspensio.

There was heavy speculation that Finuge, aggrieved at the red card that Galvin picked up in their Munster intermediate semi-final victory over Pallasgreen, were going to appeal it in time for tomorrow's provincial final against St Vincent's of Cork.

But Galvin has not lodged an appeal with the Munster Council and Finuge must go into action without their two biggest stars, as new Kerry boss Eamonn Fitzmaurice is also sidelined with a broken jaw.Galvin to miss Finuge’s biggest day

Elsewhere, the state forestry service Coillte have come to the aid of those hurley-makers hit by the new restrictions on importations due to an outbreak of ash dieback disease.

Coillte have announced that they are bringing forward their ash harvesting in an effort to supply over 40,000 hurley planks this winter.

Under the new regulations, ash wood can only be imported to Ireland if it comes from an area that is proven to be free of the disease, or if it is kiln-dried or has had its bark removed.

A spokesperson said Coillte have already started harvesting in a forest in Westmeath and have identified a number of other locations where they can speed up their production process.

They also confirmed that Coillte have not found any ash dieback disease in their estates.

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