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Gallagher: All-Star snub behind me


Eoghan 'Bán' Gallagher. Photo: Oliver McVeigh/Sportsfile

Eoghan 'Bán' Gallagher. Photo: Oliver McVeigh/Sportsfile


Eoghan 'Bán' Gallagher. Photo: Oliver McVeigh/Sportsfile

Donegal defender Eoghan 'Bán' Gallagher put being overlooked for a PwC All-Star defensive position behind him quickly, acknowledging that what happens with his team is far more important.

Gallagher, who was named Donegal Footballer of the Year for 2018, was a favourite for a position in the full-back line but instead Colm Cavanagh was redirected to No 3 and the Killybegs man was the one to lose out.

But he's been able to give it perspective.

"Every player who won an All-Star said it was a huge honour so obviously you're slightly disappointed when it's announced and you didn't get it.

"You'd swap an All-Star if it meant Donegal winning an All-Ireland. Or if we beat Tyrone in the 'Super 8s', we would have been far happier than winning an All-Star.

"The reason you play Gaelic football is that it's a team sport and you get to play with other players.

"I was disappointed at the start but when you look at it, they all did deserve an All-Star. You get over it, get on with it."

Gallagher is currently on a break from Donegal activity as he prepares for masters exams in accountancy but expects to be back in contention for the opening league game against Clare.

He has been briefly involved in pre-season training and is excited by the prospect of former Mayo boss Stephen Rochford coaching the team in the months ahead.

"I think it's a great appointment for us because so far we've only had coaches from Donegal or Ulster and he's coming from Connacht having coached Mayo and Corofin," said Gallagher.

"They play a different style to Donegal so it's only positive for us because he's going to bring in new ideas and a different way of looking at football."

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