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Gaelic games: The year at a glance

Croke Park
Croke Park

The most important dates in the GAA calendar for 2014



May 4

Connacht: New York v Mayo

May 17

Leinster: Westmeath v Louth

May 18

Ulster: Tyrone v Down

Connacht: Roscommon v Leitrim

Leinster: Wicklow v Laois; Longford v Offaly

May 25

Ulster: Derry v Donegal

Connacht: London v Galway

May 31

Munster: Limerick v Tipperary

June 1

Ulster: Fermanagh v Antrim

June 7/8

Munster: Clare v Waterford

Leinster: Longford / Offaly v Wexford

June 8

Leinster: Kildare v Westmeath / Louth; Dublin v Wickow / Laois

Ulster: Armagh v Cavan

Connacht: Roscommon / Leitrim v Mayo / New York

June 15

Leinster: Carlow v Meath

Ulster: Monaghan v Tyrone / Down

June 21/22

Munster: Cork v Limerick / Tipperary; Kerry v Clare / Waterford

June 21

Connacht: Sligo v Galway / London

Qualifier Round 1A: (Preliminary Round if required)

June 22

Ulster semi-final: Derry / Donegal v Fermanagh / Antrim

June 28

Ulster semi-final: Cavan / Armagh v Down / Tyrone / Monaghan

Qualifier Round 1B

June 29

Leinster semi-finals: Longford / Offaly /Wexford v Dublin / Wicklow /Laois; Westmeath / Louth /Kildare v Carlow / Meath

July 5: Qualifier Round 2A

July 6: Munster final

July 12: Qualifier Round 2B; Qualifier Round 3A

July 13: Connacht final

July 19: Qualifier Round 3B

July 20: Ulster final; Leinster final

July 26:

Qualifier Round 4A: Connacht finalists v Rd 3A winner; Munster finalists v Rd 3A winner

August 2/3/4

Qualifier Round 4B: Ulster finalists v Rd 3B winner; Leinster finalists v Rd 3B winner

Quarter-finals: Connacht v Round 4A winner; Munster v Round 4A winner

August 9

Quarter-finals: Ulster v Round 4B winner; Leinster v Round 4B winner)

August 24

Semi-final: Connacht v Munster

August 31

Semi-final: Leinster v Ulster

September 21

Final: (Replay October 4 if required)






April 27

Qualifier Group Round 1: London v Carlow; Antrim v Westmeath

May 4

Qualifier Group Round 2: Westmeath v Laois; Carlow v Antrim

May 11

Qualifier Group Round 3: Antrim v London; Laois v Carlow

May 18

Qualifier Group Round 4: London v Laois; Carlow v Westmeath

May 25

Munster: Cork v Waterford

Qualifier Group Round 5: Westmeath v London; Laois v Antrim

June 1

Leinster: Wexford v Qualifier Group winner; Galway v Qualifier Group runner-up

Munster: Tipperary v Limerick

June 7

Leinster quarter-final: Kilkenny v Offaly

June 14

Leinster semi-final: Dublin v Wexford / Group winners

June 15

Munster semi-final: Clare v Cork / Waterford

June 22

Leinster semi-final: Kilkenny / Offaly v Galway / Group runner-up

June 28

Round 1 qualifiers: Two games

July 5

Round 1 qualifiers: Two games

July 6

Leinster final

July 12

Round 2 qualifiers

July 13

Munster final

July 27


August 10

Semi-final: Leinster v QF winner

August 17

Semi-final: Munster v QF winner

September 7

Final: (Replay September 27 if required)






Division 1

February 1: Derry v Tyrone; Dublin v Kerry

February 2: Cork v Westmeath; Kildare v Mayo

February 9: Cork v Kildare; Kerry v Derry; Tyrone v Mayo; Westmeath v Dublin

March 1: Dublin v Cork

March 2: Derry v Westmeath; Kildare v Tyrone; Mayo v Kerry

March 8: Dublin v Kildare

March 9: Cork v Derry; Kerry v Tyrone; Westmeath v Mayo

March 16: Derry v Dublin; Kildare v Kerry; Mayo v Cork; Tyrone v Westmeath

March 29: Dublin v Mayo

March 30: Cork v Tyrone; Derry v Kildare; Westmeath v Kerry

April 6: Kerry v Cork; Kildare v Westmeath; Mayo v Derry; Tyrone v Dublin


Division 2

February 1: Down v Monaghan

February 2: Laois v Donegal; Louth v Armagh; Meath v Galway

February 7: Armagh v Down

February 9: Galway v Donegal; Louth v Laois; Monaghan v Meath

March 1: Down v Louth; Laois v Galway; Meath v Armagh

March 2: Donegal v Monaghan

March 8: Armagh v Laois

March 9: Donegal v Meath; Galway v Down; Monaghan v Louth

March 15: Armagh v Monaghan; Laois v Meath

March 16: Down v Donegal; Louth v Galway

March 29: Meath v Down

March 30: Donegal v Louth; Galway v Armagh; Monaghan v Laois

April 6: Armagh v Donegal; Laois v Down; Louth v Meath; Monaghan v Galway


Division 3

February 1: Cavan v Fermanagh

February 2: Longford v Roscommon; Sligo v Limerick; Wexford v Offaly

February 8: Fermanagh v Sligo

February 9: Limerick v Longford; Offaly v Cavan; Roscommon v Wexford

March 2: Longford v Fermanagh; Roscommon v Limerick; Sligo v Offaly; Wexford v Cavan

March 9: Cavan v Sligo; Fermanagh v Roscommon; Limerick v Wexford; Offaly v Longford

March 16: Limerick v Fermanagh; Longford v Cavan;

Roscommon v Offaly; Wexford v Sligo

March 29: Cavan v Roscommon

March 30: Fermanagh v Wexford; Offaly v Limerick; Sligo v Longford

April 6: Fermanagh v Offaly; Limerick v Cavan; Roscommon v Sligo; Wexford v Longford


Division 4

February 2: Carlow v Tipperary; Leitrim v Antrim; Waterford v Clare; Wicklow v London

February 9: Antrim v Wicklow; Clare v Leitrim; London v Carlow; Tipperary v Waterford

February 22: London v Clare

March 2: Antrim v Waterford; Clare v Wicklow; Leitrim v Carlow; London v Tipperary

March 9: Carlow v Antrim; Tipperary v Clare; Waterford v London; Wicklow v Leitrim

March 15: Waterford v Leitrim

March 16: Carlow v Wicklow; Tipperary v Antrim

March 30: Antrim v London; Clare v Carlow; Leitrim v Tipperary; Wicklow v Waterford

April 6: Antrim v Clare; London v Leitrim; Tipperary v Wicklow; Waterford v Carlow

April 13: Division 1 semi-finals

April 26: Division 3 and 4 finals

April 27: Division 1 and 2 finals






Division 1A

February 15: Tipperary v Waterford

February 16: Galway v Dublin; Clare v Kilkenny

February 23: Dublin v Clare; Kilkenny v Tipperary; Waterford v Galway

March 9: Kilkenny v Galway; Waterford v Dublin; Tipperary v Clare

March 15: Dublin v Kilkenny

March 16: Galway v Tipperary; Clare v Waterford

March 23: Kilkenny v Waterford; Tipperary v Dublin; Clare v Galway


Division 1B

February 15: Cork v Limerick

February 16: Antrim v Wexford; Offaly v Laois

February 22: Laois v Cork

February 23: Wexford v Offaly; Limerick v Antrim

March 9: Cork v Offaly; Laois v Antrim; Limerick v Wexford

March 16: Wexford v Laois; Antrim v Cork; Offaly v Limerick

March 23: Laois v Limerick; Cork v Wexford; Offaly v Antrim


Division 2A

February 16: Derry v Kerry; London v Westmeath; Kildare v Carlow

February 23: Kerry v Kildare; Carlow v London; Westmeath v Derry

March 2: Derry v London

March 9: Carlow v Derry; London v Kildare; Westmeath v Kerry

March 16: Kerry v Carlow; Kildare v Westmeath

March 23: Carlow v Westmeath; London v Kerry; Kildare v Derry


Division 2B

February 16: Mayo v Fingal; Kilkenny v Meath; Armagh v Down

February 23: Fingal v Armagh; Down v Kilkenny; Meath v Mayo

March 9: Kilkenny v Armagh; Down v Mayo; Meath v Fingal

March 16: Fingal v Down; Mayo v Kilkenny; Armagh v Meath

March 23: Down v Meath; Kilkenny v Fingal; Armagh v Mayo


Division 3A

February 16: Donegal v Fermanagh; Monaghan v Longford; Louth v Roscommon

February 23: Fermanagh v Louth; Roscommon v Monaghan; Longford v Donegal

March 9: Monaghan v Louth; Roscommon v Donegal; Longford v Fermanagh

March 16: Fermanagh v Roscommon; Donegal v Monaghan; Louth v Longford

March 23: Roscommon v Longford; Monaghan v Fermanagh; Louth v Donegal


Division 3B

March 2: Warwickshire v Tyrone

March 9: Tyrone v Leitrim; Sligo v Warwickshire

March 16: Leitrim v Sligo

March 23: Leitrim v Warwickshire; Sligo v Tyrone

March 30: Division 1 quarter-finals; Divisions 1a, 1b and 2b 5th v 6th place play-offs

April 5: Divisions 2A, 2B, 3A and 3B finals

April 13: Division 1B and 2B promotion/relegation finals

April 20: Division 1 semi-finals

May 4: Division 1 final






February 8: All-Ireland club SHC semi-finals

February 9: Interprovincial hurling semi-finals

February 15: All-Ireland club SfC semi-finals

February 16: Interprovincial football semi-finals

February 21-22: Sigerson Cup finals

February 22: Interprovincial football final, Annual Congress, Croke Park

February 28 -March 1: Fitzgibbon Cup finals

March 2: Interprovincial hurling final

March 17: All-Ireland club SFC and SHC finals

April 19: All-Ireland under 21 football semi-finals

May 3: All-Ireland under 21 football final

June 7: Christy Ring cup final; Nicky Rackard cup final; Lory Meagher cup final

June 20-22: Féile na nGael

June 27-29: Féile Peil na nÓg

August 2: M. Donnelly All-Ireland Poc Fada final

August 23: All-Ireland under 21 hurling semi-finals

September 13: All-Ireland under 21 hurling final

September 14: All-Ireland Camogie finals

September 28: All-Ireland ladies football finals

December 13/14: All-Ireland club SFC quarter-final

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