Tuesday 28 January 2020

GAA game on for Spanish children

THE chanting of 'Ole Ole' may usually be confined to the domain of soccer but this weekend it will be heard at the world's first all-Spanish GAA match for children.

The first competitive under 12's GAA match -- contested entirely by Spanish children from Valencia and Madrid -- will kick off in Madrid on Saturday.

The event has been organised by Cork man Colm Donovan who emigrated to Valencia four years ago.

Mr Donovan said he was delighted to encounter a flourishing GAA scene in Spain organised by a growing number of expats involved in the Iberian GAA federation.

An annual championship is contested between men's and ladies' clubs in a weekend blitz tournament held in the various cities where the GAA clubs are based.

"Although it is well known there are GAA teams of expats all around Europe, the idea of grass-roots teams of local children is new," he said. "Here is Spain over the last few years, dedicated individuals have been developing children's teams, without access to the resources, equipment or support available to teams in Ireland."

Edel O'Connell

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