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Duffy issues clear warning after Tyrone's TV ban threat

Martin Breheny

Martin Breheny

THE GAA will ignore Tyrone's call for video footage to be allowed in disciplinary cases only if it's available for all games and have issued a stern warning to counties that they must honour TV contracts entered into by Croke Park.

Tyrone have back-tracked on their threat to ban cameras from games in Omagh in protest at the use of video evidence in disciplinary hearings. However, they are calling for greater uniformity regarding the use of the video evidence in disciplinary hearings. Tyrone argue that counties whose games are not on TV can escape sanctions because video evidence is not available.

They had three players banned after the Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) reviewed the video of their National Football League clash with Derry last Saturday week.

GAA Director-General Paraic Duffy said yesterday that, despite Tyrone's objections, the current system would continue to apply.

"If players break the rules, I'm more than happy for CCCC to use whatever evidence is available to deal with that," Duffy said.

"Everyone knows it's not practical to have good quality cameras at every league game, but where they are, I expect CCCC to follow up on them if they consider it necessary.

"Basically, it comes down to this -- if players behave themselves they need have no worries how many cameras are covering their games.

"We'll use whatever means we can to improve discipline in our games," he added.

Duffy also stressed that Croke Park would not tolerate attempts by any county to block TV coverage of their games. "We would regard that as a very serious development," Duffy continued.

"We negotiate with TV companies on behalf of the Association as a whole, so we couldn't have a situation where an individual county broke a deal.

"CCCC have told Tyrone that if they have any issue with TV coverage they must contact our Management Committee. As of now, I haven't heard from them."

Duffy also confirmed that Croke Park would not be taking a formal role in the Limerick hurling row unless circumstances changed.

Limerick had contacted Croke Park with a view to senior officials becoming involved in mediation between Justin McCarthy and the exiled players.

"We don't believe we can play any role at present," said Duffy.

It's understood that Croke Park would become involved if all sides were willing to re-visit every aspect of the dispute between the team management and the 2009 squad.

However, the players have made it clear that they will not consider returning under any circumstances while McCarthy remains as team manager.

Irish Independent

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