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Dublin's last 10 NFL Seasons

2010: 3rd Div 1 (P7, W5, L2)

2009: 6th Div 1 (P7, W2, D2, L3)

2008: 1st Div 2 (P8, W5, D1, L2)*

2007: 5th Div 1A (P7, W3, L4)

2006: 4th Div 1A (P7, W3, D1, L3)

2005: 4th Div 1A P7, W4, L3)

2004: 4th Div 1A (P7, W3, D2, L2)

2003: 6th Div1A (P7, W3, D1, L3)

2002: 5th Div 1A (P7, W2, D2, L3)

2001: 6th Div 1A (P6, W2, L4)**

*Promoted. Topped Division 2, but lost final to Westmeath.

**Programme curtailed due to foot and mouth outbreak.

DUBLIN's 2010


Saturday: v Armagh (Athletic Grounds)

Feb 19: v Cork (Croke Park)

Feb 26: v Kerry (Croke Park)

Mar 13: v Monaghan (away)

Mar 20: v Mayo (Croke Park)

Apr 2: v Down (Croke Park)

Apr 10: v Galway (Pearse Stadium)

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