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Different codes, different schedules

Joe Sheridan (Meath footballer)

Monday: 6.0am-3.30 Work

6.30-10.0 Weights

Tuesday: 6.0am-3.30 Work

6.30-10.0 Pitch session

Wednesday: 6.0am-3.30 Work

Evening off

Thursday: 6.0am-3.30 Work

6.30-10.0 Pitch session

Friday: 6.0-3.30 Work

6.30-10.0 Weights

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Match

Eamonn Sheridan

(Leinster rugby player)

Monday: 9.0am-3.0 Pitch session

and weights

Tuesday: 9.0-3.0 Pitch session

and weights

Wednesday: Day off

Thursday: 9.0-3.0 Pitch session

Friday: 9.0-3.0 Light session

Saturday: Match

Sunday: Rest Day

Sunday Indo Sport