Friday 20 September 2019

KMB: The decade of disappointment but fans still kept the faith for Sam

Joe Davitt

Walking down Clonliffe Road in August 2009 I happened upon this ultra-confident Dublin supporter. A decade of heartache hadn't weathered his belief, nor did the 32-year championship hoodoo that the Kingdom held over us bother him either!

'KMB' represented a chest-beating element of Dublin support that did little to endear themselves to our country cousins or even pessimistic Dublin fans.

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The Metropolitans were often derided for their bluster on the back of a lion's share of glory from the 1970s.

It's not to say that I wasn't confident of winning. Kerry had staggered through the qualifiers and looked a beaten docket. Instead they were a wounded animal ready to bite. Maybe Dublin weren't all that great outside of Leinster?

The game was over after a minute.

The only consolation I had that night was perhaps 'KMB' must have felt a little foolish? Then again he probably didn't give a bo***x!

I had been worn out by the near misses, hard-luck stories and misfortune that poxed the noughties. The summer bliss of 2002 was but a faded memory.

It was a decade of failure viewed from my blinkered vantage point on the Hill. I still kept coming back for more. Defeat after bruising defeat reminds me of the David Bowie song 'Always Crashing in the Same Car'.

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2001 - Wayne McCarthy hitting a free to win the drawn match against Kerry in Thurles as Darragh Ó Sé soared to pluck the ball from over the crossbar.

2002 - Ray Cosgrove hitting the post to draw against Armagh with only Dessie Farrell near the square for the rebound.

2005 - Five points up before Owen Mulligan scored 'that' goal. Earlier that summer my dad had died while I was on the Hill watching the Wexford match.

2006 - Most traumatic day ever as a Dublin fan. Up by seven points against Mayo, thrown away. Still getting over that one!

2007 - A point down in the final minutes of the semi-final against Kerry. 'Gooch' heads for the sideline at the Cusack Stand to coolly slow play down and kill the game. He eventually works the ball across for Declan O'Sullivan to seal the win. Class act.

2008 - The 'Bar of Soap' quarter-final against the bearded Tyrone men who had no problems with the wet ball.

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