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Croker's haphazard fixtures unfair on many sides

I have always believed that nobody at a high level in the GAA has much interest in the National Leagues, and the haphazard way in which fixtures are set out proves this every year.

Take a simple example of this carelessness in fixture-making, which is an ongoing problem. Time after time, we see examples of counties being fixed to play two successive games at home or away when these fixtures should be home and away from round to round.

Just a few examples from the proposed 2011 NFL explain this silliness. In round six, Monaghan are at home to Kerry and in round seven at home to Mayo. In round six, Wexford are away to Tipperary and in round seven away to Limerick. These examples show the sheer carelessness attached to fixture-making and the case of Wexford, who will possibly be competing with Limerick and Tipperary for promotion in the final two games of the league but will be away in both, proves the point particularly.

Surely modern technology can ensure that teams are fixed home and away in rotation to be fair to everybody?

Irish Independent