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Counties host 'open evening'

Kilkenny are the only county not hosting an 'open evening' for fans tonight or last night as part of the GAA's new marketing initiative -- and the Noresiders are in the process of organising one.

The GAA, conscious of competition from other big sporting events this summer, issued a directive that every county should set up a simultaneous 'meet the players' event for the public. They specified that it should happen tonight but several counties and players had prior commitments.

Kilkenny had a full round of local championship matches, but they stressed yesterday that they fully support the initiative.

Kerry, Tipperary, Laois, Offaly, Derry and Sligo all held their publicity evenings last night; the rest are holding theirs tonight.

Armagh's will include a 'Beat the Goalkeepers' challenge; Mayo's includes guided tours of MacHale Park; Dublin, Kildare and Donegal are among those organising fun games and using senior stars to coach children.

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