Sunday 17 December 2017

Comment: Any spare All Ireland replay ticket for the self-obsessed?

Michelle Mulherin got two tickets in the end, many Mayo fans did not
Michelle Mulherin got two tickets in the end, many Mayo fans did not
Senator Catherine Noone. Photo: Gareth Chaney/Collins
Martin Breheny

Martin Breheny

Can we take it that now the football final has gone to a replay, Fine Gael senators Michelle Mulherin and Catherine Noone, doughty defenders of democracy and anti-discrimination activists, will battle on against GAA tyranny?

Ms Mulherin, proud holder of a Senate seat gifted to her by Taoiseach Enda Kenny after being rejected by the Mayo electorate, was mad as hell after being refused tickets by Croke Park, describing it as "clear discrimination" against senators.

Ms Noone was equally irate and wanted "further clarification" on why senators weren't entitled to tickets, whereas TDs from the competing counties were. She reckons that the only difference between TDs and senators is that "TDs get paid more".

Truly, the sense of entitlement and the lack of self-awareness displayed by this pair is mind-boggling.

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Thousands of people who contribute so much to the GAA were left without tickets last Sunday because of the high demand, yet two senators deemed themselves so important that when their applications were refused, they took to the media to vent their displeasure.

Did they expect public support? If so, then their relationship with reality is fraught; if they didn't, why make themselves look like spoiled prima donnas peering down their noses at the peasants?

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Either way, it's worrying that two members of the political elite should behave in such a self-serving manner. I was always glad to have voted for the abolition of the Senate, and never more than now.

By the way, Ms Mulherin's predicament was solved by Mayo County Board, who sent her two tickets. I'll bet that has gone down well with the many Mayo fans who had to watch the game on TV.

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