Thursday 21 November 2019

Chin disappointed as racism debate shelved

Lee Chin
Lee Chin
Colm Keys

Colm Keys

Lee Chin has admitted "frustration" at the failure of his Wexford club Sarsfields to get a motion to Congress next month that would make racial abuse on the field of play a red-card offence.

Because a five-year moratorium exists on changes to playing rules, their motion could not be cleared until 2015.

The recommendations of the Football Review Committee can be treated as a special case in this regard, however, as they were set up by Central Council to specifically look at playing rule changes.

Some 73 motions to Congress will be published this morning, and among them is one from Central Council that covers general abuse, including that of a racial nature.

Chin, who was racially abused in a Wexford club match last year, leading to a two-month suspension of an opponent, said his club are "disappointed" by what has happened.

"You get very frustrated with all this kind of stuff going on but, at the moment, I just keep my head down, work away and concentrate on my training," he said.

Chin is glad, however, that he spoke out about the issue last year.

"It is a matter that needed to be highlighted and we did and hopefully that's nearly enough to push things over the edge," he said.

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Chin is concentrating on a dual career with Wexford and will serve both masters for as long as he can.

"At the moment I'm loving both of them and I can't see myself deciding this year anyway which one I want do to," he said.

"Maybe next year and the year after, you wouldn't know, but at this moment in time, I'm happy enough.

"When I was growing up, hurling was my passion. I love hurling. I gave up football for a while but went back and played it. I enjoy what I'm doing at the moment. I actually can't really decide what I want to do.

"A lot of people say you won't be able to do the two and that there's too much training involved. But when you cut things back and look at everything and have some perspective, I can only be in the one place at the one time. I can only train with one team.

"I'm doing just as much training and taking on as much of a load as everyone else, maybe doing a little bit extra by myself but other than that, I'm fine. It's just figuring out what gear to bring training!"

Chin won praise recently for his decision to hop into a car in Armagh and drive to the Walsh Cup final against Dublin back in Wexford when the football league match against the Orchard County was called off due to an unplayable pitch.

He credited football manager Aidan O'Brien for facilitating him on that occasion.

"Aidan wanted me to go back to Wexford. Obviously I wanted to as well but I didn't think I'd be able to. Fair play to the management, they pushed it and wanted me to hurl away, so I jumped into a car (with selector Leigh O'Brien) and got straight back down to Wexford," said Chin.

Chin admitted disappointment at the concession of an 11-point lead back up in Armagh last Saturday night as Wexford had to be satisfied with a draw.

"Even if we had walked out of there with the two points, even if we'd only won by one or two, I maybe still would have been disappointed to give away that lead," he said.

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