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Carey grateful for support after 'little bit of a fright'


DJ Carey. Photo: PA

DJ Carey. Photo: PA

DJ Carey. Photo: PA

DJ CAREY is on the mend after his recent health scare but says it will be a while before he has fully recovered.

The Kilkenny hurling legend was hospitalised last month after collapsing as a result of a panic attack. He has admitted getting a shock from the incident but is now feeling better.

But speaking for the first time since his hospitalisation, the 41-year-old warned that he was not yet back to full health.

"There is a bit to go yet and it will take a bit of time," he told leinstergaa.tv in an interview that will be broadcast today.

The five-time All-Ireland winner revealed that he got "a little bit of a fright" but is now "feeling good" before expressing his gratitude for the messages of support which he said helped him through the difficult period.

Carey hopes that people will learn from his experience and encouraged others to "get a check-up once a year" as a preventative measure.

Meanwhile, London football manager Paul Coggins is furious that his players will have to play club games this weekend to ensure that several of them will be eligible to play against Leitrim in the Connacht championship on Sunday week.


Coggins is keeping his fingers crossed that his squad will not pick up any more injuries in a full round of club championship matches this weekend.

The opening round of the London club championship was brought forward to this weekend after a ruling at Congress stated players must have played championship for their clubs before appearing for their county.

Ciaran Boyle is London's only injury worry as he struggles with a calf strain, but having this distraction so close to the Leitrim clash in Ruislip was the last thing that Coggins needed.

"We are just a week away from the Connacht championship and it is crazy to think we still have to play club championship this weekend," said Coggins.

"Unfortunately, that's the way it has to be. We had about a dozen lads that played during the National League and they are forced to play this weekend to make them eligible. It's ridiculous -- it's not as if they are fresh off the boat or something."

Coggins is fearful that London will pick up more injuries, given the intensity of club games.

"The clubs in the city deserve great praise for the way they worked together to make this happen. It was not easy for them to bring forward the championship -- a lot of them might not have been ready -- but they made the right decision together for the benefit of the county team," he said.

"But by the law of averages, we'll surely have another couple of injuries to cope with."

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