Wednesday 21 March 2018

Carew claims that refs alter their approach during League

Niall Carew (SPORTSFILE)
Niall Carew (SPORTSFILE)
Martin Breheny

Martin Breheny

Football referees have changed their approach during this season's Allianz Football League, according to Sligo manager Niall Carew.

He claims that after being very strict for the first two rounds, they have adopted a 'let it flow at all costs' policy.

Meanwhile, Waterford boss Tom McGlinchey has suggested that top referees should officiate at some lower divisions games rather than working with the top teams all the time.

Carew and McGlinchey were left frustrated by refereeing performances last weekend with the Sligo manager especially unhappy with Martin McNally (Monaghan) over his handling of the clash with Longford.

Carew claims there has been a discernible variation in refereeing during the league.

"In the first two rounds, they were blowing for everything - now they're letting it flow, often when frees are warranted. I've noticed it in our own games and from what I've seen on TV too," he said.

McGlinchey had issues with Galway referee Shane Hehir over his handling of the Waterford-Wexford game, in particular a free awarded against midfielder Conor Prunty after he made a high catch.

"We're bringing in the mark but here you had a perfect example of a brilliant catch only for a free to be awarded against the catcher," he said.

McGlinchey would like to see top referees appointed for some Division 4 games.

"I saw where Nigel Owens refereed the World Rugby Cup final last year and a week later he refereed an ordinary Welsh league game.

"Why can't our top referees be spread around the divisions a bit more," he said.

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