Friday 24 November 2017

'Can you curse on this programme?': Joe Brolly's radio interview tonight was pure gold

Joe Brolly can see holes in Dublin's make-up
Joe Brolly can see holes in Dublin's make-up
Will Slattery

Will Slattery

He never fails to disappoint, Joe Brolly.

While his views on Gaelic games are unquestionably polarising, there is no doubt that listening to the Derry pundit provides great entertainment.

We usually see him on RTE but tonight he was a guest on Newstalk's Off The Ball show to respond to Jim McGuinness' Irish Times column.

The Donegal manager wrote about how a rule change is needed in Gaelic football to prevent the game from becoming too defensive - a notion that Joe Brolly found to be massively ironic.

He sent a few tweets to that effect earlier today but was in even more devilish form on air tonight as he addressed McGuinness' work.

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"Irony is not a sufficient word," he began.

"We will have to invent a new word to cover Jim McGuinness' column today.

"I did enjoy the column but it was breathtaking in its audaciousness."

McGuinness argue that while his Donegal team defended in order to launch fearsome counter-attacks, teams today are merely defending for the sake of defending.

Brolly doesn't entirely agree with that assertion and also threw in a little dig about how the ex-Donegal manager has treated his successor.

"Jim is obviously keen on his legacy and it doesn't take a genius to work out what has happened to the game," he said.

"When Donegal were ambushing teams they looked quite good. In general their football was really dull. The 2011 semi-final, the 2014 football final and most of the games that mattered in 2013 and 2012."

"Since leaving the Donegal job he has heaped pressure on Rory Gallagher without ever mentioning his name," Brolly continued.

"Jim is extremely Machiavellian make no mistake about that."

Conversation then moved on to football in general, and how risk-averse teams have become. In classic Brolly fashion, he used a colourful example when describing what the crowd at a recent football match shouted when the ball wasn't being let in to the forward line.

"Can I curse on this programme?," Brolly asked.

"Kick that f**king ball in."

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