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Brogan goes 3D as hi-tech gadgets track every move of GAA aces

IT HAS been used by NASA and in Hollywood hit film 'Gravity' - and now the same motion-capturing software will be used to preserve the movements of top GAA players for generations to come.

The technology, used in the rehabilitation of injured soldiers, and by Ford to build virtual prototypes of cars, will also allow football, hurling and camogie fans to view, interact with and compare themselves to top players in an exhibition at Croke Park's GAA Museum.

An EU-funded project called RePlay is to digitally capture, preserve and promote traditional sports for future generations in a link-up between scientists from Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and Greece, SMEs from the UK and sporting bodies, cultural groups and athletes.

It will create high-quality 3D rendering of the unique movement signatures of elite national players.

The project has invited players, including Dublin footballer Bernard Brogan, Limerick camogie star Caoimhe Costelloe, and Monaghan footballer Caoimhe Mohan, to the Vicon studios in Oxford this week where it will track their movements.

"A key objective of the RePlay platform is that it be usable by clubs and schools as a fun, interactive means to promote sports and games. Children can have a fun 'gamified' experience while also learning traditional sporting movements," said a spokesman for RePlay.


Vicon tracking technology

Vicon tracking technology

How the technology maps movement using multiple sensors all over the body.

How the technology maps movement using multiple sensors all over the body.


Vicon tracking technology

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