Tuesday 23 January 2018

Brennan on warpath over controversial penalty award

Colm Keys

Colm Keys

Derry manager John Brennan delivered a stinging rebuke of Maurice Deegan's decision to award Donegal a penalty at a critical point in the Ulster final and failing to consult his umpires over what had happened.

Brennan contended that Deegan was "60 metres" away from the incident that led to the penalty just after the interval and that he had a better view of it than the Laois official.

He also suggested that Derry had two legitimate penalty claims which were overlooked by the referee.

"How can you legislate for us having two penalty claims and getting none, and our goalkeeper comes out, their forward runs into him, and they get a penalty?" asked a perplexed Brennan.

"Try and get inside that man's brain. Don't try and get inside my brain. I would love to get inside his brain.

"Try to ask him if there is something in Portlaoise that I don't understand in Derry.

"I would love him to come and tell me, irrespective of GAA rules, and irrespective of Croke Park, and tell me as the Derry manager where he got that from.

"He was 60 metres away. I just beg him to do it. Be a gentleman, and come and talk to me man to man.

"Tell me what our goalkeeper did to constitute him awarding them a penalty. Can I put it in any simpler terms."


But what irked Brennan more was that the referee was so far away and didn't consult with his fellow officials.

"He was asked to. He refused to," said Brennan. "We should be allowed to ask the referee why they have awarded something.

"I don't care if people think I am wrong or if I am breaking GAA rules.

"That is wrong, what he did there today. His umpires were there for him to consult."

Brennan said there was little point in asking Croke Park to push back their fourth-round qualifier against Kildare from Saturday to Sunday.

"I have nothing to do with rules and regulations. If decisions go like that out there how could I get an extension to a six-day turnaround. You may ask Croke Park.

"The rules have been made. Cork and Kerry are cute, as usual, they have three weeks. The Ulster Council wanted to play this game today; as far as I am concerned they don't care about Donegal or Derry after today.

"It's over and done with, that's them finished and it's now a national programme of fixtures, which are to be organised by Croke Park. Two different bodies, so who do I appeal to?

"If we didn't get a fair decision there today, I wouldn't expect another fair decision."

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