Sunday 22 April 2018

Breaking down Dublin's second-half collapse

39 minutes -- Paul Brogan solos upfield but is dispossessed by Michael Shields and at the other end it takes a heroic block by Barry Cahill to stop Cork scoring.

44Kevin McManamon throws a brilliant dummy in midfield but kicks away possession to Ray Carey and it ends up with a Ciaran Sheehan point: Dublin 2-12 Cork 0-13.

45Paul Brogan makes a 30-metre run upfield and wins a free. Mossie Quinn takes it short to Paul Flynn but he shoots wide from 25 metres.

49Bernard Brogan's hamstring goes collecting a good pass from Flynn and his handpass is intercepted. McManamon fouls Fiachra Lynch in midfield and a quick Donncha O'Connor free finds Pearse O'Neill unmarked: Dublin 2-12 Cork 0-14.

50Quinn spots Darren Daly running into space but just over-cooks the pass and Cork's Ken O'Halloran intercepts.

52Kevin Nolan solos into the opposing half of pitch but fumbles the ball and Carey clears the turnover.

53Paul Brogan fouls Ciaran Sheehan and Daniel Goulding scores free: Dublin 2-12 Cork 0-15.

55Michael Darragh Macauley unlucky not to control a breaking ball and Cork's resultant sideline results in a Noel O'Leary point: Dublin 2-14 Cork 0-16.

57Kevin Nolan fouls Paddy Kelly and a quick free finds Donncha O'Connor with enough space to score: Dublin 2-14 Cork 0-17.

59Macauley sends in good long ball to Flynn who catches but then drops it under pressure from Denis O'Sullivan. Fergal Lynch scores from resulting possession: Dublin 2-14 Cork 0-18.

60Dean Kelly fluffs a shot, Cork 'keeper Ken O'Halloran clears and Patrick Kelly scores at other end: Dublin 2-14 Cork 0-19. Dublin again win their own kick-out but Ger Brennan kicks a bad wide.

61Macauley finds Dean Kelly in a great position but he blasts wide from 13 metres.

63McManamon is fouled after a great run but Quinn kicks the 25-metre free wide.

63Mick Fitzsimons wins dirty ball in midfield, Brennan lays it off to McManamon but his long-range shot is cleared by Shields and Cork's counter-attack yields a Sheehan point: Dublin 2-14 Cork 0-21.

67Brennan wins a free in midfield that's brought forward. Nolan takes it to Quinn who lays off to Cahill who shoots it wide.

68Carey fouls McManamon for a 20-metre free for Quinn. It's a difficult angle, needs a left-footed kicker and he puts it wide.

Cliona Foley

Irish Independent

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