Thursday 19 September 2019

Bohan believes four-point goals are worth trialling

Dublin ladies senior football team manager Mick Bohan. Photo: Sportsfile
Dublin ladies senior football team manager Mick Bohan. Photo: Sportsfile

A revised scoring system, featuring four points for a goal, a doubling of the value of the existing point and AFL-style side posts worth one point when kicked inside to encourage more long-range shooting could radically overhaul the way Gaelic football is played, the current Dublin ladies football manager Mick Bohan has suggested.

As a raft of experimental rules continue to be trialled, Bohan believes a shake-up of how scores impact on a game could bring results. "I certainly think the points system for goals needs to increase, steal a leaf out of rugby's book. That's what we go to see. We all want to see goals."

Bohan has not yet seen the current experiments in play but feels something has to give with the direction the game is going.

"Our game is a fabulous product but it's just come this circle because obviously Dublin have been so good that people have looked at ways of negating them as opposed to competing with them and beating them," said the former Dublin skills coach who spent a year with Clare in 2016 before rejoining Dublin ladies.

"They're just trying to negate how they play," he added. "Now that's a mindset as well. Rugby did go through it and they rewarded the scores with higher points systems. That made a difference."

Bohan said he hopes the ladies game does not follow the current tactical path so much of the men's game has taken. "I don't want it to be a game of chess," he added.

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