Tuesday 23 January 2018

Bernard Brogan: We celebrated All Ireland win with dance-off in a Dublin pub

Dublin's Bernard and Alan Brogan on stage during the team homecoming. O'Connell St, Dublin. Picture credit: Paul Mohan / SPORTSFILE
Dublin's Bernard and Alan Brogan on stage during the team homecoming. O'Connell St, Dublin. Picture credit: Paul Mohan / SPORTSFILE

Tom Rooney

Bernard Brogan has revealed that a group of the Dublin players engaged in a freestyle dance off while celebrating their All-Ireland Final victory over Kerry.

Speaking this morning on Today FM’s the Anton Savage Show, Brogan said he organised an impromptu dance contest between some of the factions in the Dublin squad as they revelled in their victory over the Kingdom at the Quays Bar in Temple Bar. Fatigue from the day’s work was apparently not a factor.

“We had a big crowd of Ballymun lads there and another crowd from Summerhill, so I said right it’s a dance off. It was some craic, and Ballymun came out on top,” he said.

“It was all in, whatever you’ve got and leave it all out on the floor. It was phenomenal craic. That was the big one for us, the dance off.

“You’re running on empty and adrenalin at the end of the night but when you have that bit of tin (Sam Maguire cup) looking t you it keeps you going.”

Speaking of Sam, the full-forward went on to claim that he hasn’t seen the famous trophy since Sunday’s festivities, but was relatively sure it was in good hands and the customary tour to schools around the capital was forthcoming.

“I’m sure somebody has it – Jim has it at the end of his bed, I’d say. We’re going to start going around to the schools with it later in the week or early next week. Obviously, Dublin GAA is all about the kids and, as role models, you’ve got to get out there and see as many of them as you can.”

Much has been made of the wet conditions the final was played in, and how, perhaps, it contributed to a dull affair. Brogan said the rain had made executing the simplest of skills quite arduous as the ball skimmed off the soaked Croke Park pitch.

“It was really difficult and, having sticky markers putting the fist in every time you tried to catch it, wasn’t easy either. We found it very hard to get the ball to stick; you know, when the ball hits the turf on a wet day like that it can just go anywhere, so we had a tough day for forwards.

“But the lads stepped up and we got some great scores, and it was great to see Alan (Brogan) at the end coming in with the big one, so it was a great way to finish. The surface is phenomenal so when the rain comes, you never know where the bounce is going to come off the ball, so that’s my excuse for not catching all those balls,” he chuckled.

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