Saturday 19 January 2019

Aussie Rules star thriving with skill he picked up from gaelic football

Nat Fyfe
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Aussie Rules star Nat Fyfe was one of the standout players in last year's International Rules Series and is putting into a practice a skill he learned from his Irish opponents in 2017.

Fyfe has perfected the skill of flicking the oval ball up with his foot and catching it rather than bending down to pick it up.

The Fremantle skipper observed Joe Kernan's men utilising the skill and has been honing it for his own game ever since. It has allowed him to secure the ball with less pressure from opposing players.

“It’s not something that I’ve consciously put a lot of thought into,” Fyfe told Seven Perth News.

“But I have noticed that I am naturally soccering the ball to my own advantage and picking it up.

“So maybe that is a result of training and playing the International Rules series.”

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