Thursday 18 January 2018

All on same side - so why does problem persist?

Brogan; "My club career has been fairly abject and that will be a regret when I look back in years to come.” Sportsdesk

Alan Brogan is the latest to bemoan a disconnect between the club and county scene, resulting in many players being angry and frustrated over the absence of a consistent games programme.

"The crux of the matter is that while my inter-county career flourished, my club career has been fairly abject and that will be a regret when I look back in years to come," Brogan wrote in the Sunday Independent.

Everywhere you go, current and former players are complaining about the neglect of club activity.

Club officials remain equally exasperated; county boards are adamant it's not their fault while Croke Park insist that it cannot be allowed to go on. So who is to blame? Inter-county managers? Not us, they say - in fact we are being unfairly accused.

What a mystery. Everyone in the GAA agrees that it's wrong to leave club players so long without championship action in the summer months, yet it continues to happen in a majority of counties.

Surely, the FAI and IRFU haven't got their mischievous hand in GAA affairs, corrupting club fixtures plans? Of course not, although it could scarcely be more chaotic if that were the case.

Tinkering with details like All-Ireland final dates and replays won't improve the situation in the slightest. Instead there needs to be an acceptance by the many stakeholders that they all have a role to play in balancing the schedules. That involves action, not talk.

The chances of it happening? Tiny! Which is why this problem won't be fixed anytime soon.

Irish Independent

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