Sunday 22 July 2018

7 wonders for this weekend

Kerry man Darran O'Sullivan
Kerry man Darran O'Sullivan
Longford's Michael Quinn came to the defence of Fermanagh
Darragh O Se thanked Cork for taking the heat off the Kingdom

Peter Sweeney

1. GAA players again leading the way in ongoing marriage equality debate

GAA players have long been to the fore of the marriage equality debate and it now it seems as though we've had the first inter-county, man-on-man marriage. That's right - two former Kilkenny hurlers got married whilst on holidays in American recently. At least, that's if Twitter is to be believed and, as we all know, Twitter is never wrong. Never. Former Cats goalkeeper David Herity posted a tweet of himself bending the knee to pop the question to legendary defender JJ Delaney. The next picture shows them making their way, hand-in-hand, through the doors of the Forever Grand Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Best wishes, lads!

2. 'Hit the Diff' hits Croker tomorrow - so it's best to leave the tractor at home

'Hit the Diff' by Marty Mone. No, us neither. But it would seem that we would be in the minority. Marty's tune has been viewed no fewer than 1.5 million times on YouTube. And during the week he announced on his Facebook page that he had been booked to play at half-time in tomorrow's Monaghan-Tyrone match. 'Hit the Diff' is a ditty about driving a tractor for a living, so I'm sure the Croke Park groundstaff are hoping he leaves the tractor at home. Sample lyric: "Mowing, lifting, sowing, baling. Drawing, hauling and buckraking. Backing, stacking, ploughing, crashing. Tipping, wrapping, tail doors flapping. Sucking diesel, cutting, trucking. Spreading, piping, double clutching." So now you know.

3. Social media 'Plug-master' Darran makes good use of his 140 characters

Kerry's Darran O'Sullivan has been getting stick off team-mates on the auld Twitter machine recently for his online plugging activities. Dazzler is an ambassador for several products and companies and he's not slow in letting his 34,000 followers know. Tommy Walsh called him out on it, tweeting "I often wonder how you fit all your plugs into 140 characters". O'Sullivan admitted it took a lot of work and practice. A bit like football so.

4. Guardians of good taste to ensure big screens keep it clean in Croker

Croke Park is inviting fans to get involved this weekend by sending pictures and best wishes to their teams involved in the big games at GAA Headquarters via email and Twitter ( and @officialgaa) for display on the big screens at either end of the ground. The guardians of good taste will need to be on the ball to weed out any unsuitable messages. Croke Park's big screens never show anything controversial, which made the recent All-Ireland hurling quarter-finals in Thurles refreshing, with an 'anything goes' attitude to replays on the big screen erected at the Town End and plenty of oohs and aahs from the crowd as they watched another lad being cut in two.

5. Quinn calls for realism in debate  about Fermanagh's celebrations

Fermanagh got stick after their game display against Dublin, with detractors saying they shouldn't have celebrated an eight-point loss. Now, if players aren't allowed to celebrate the end of the season, hammering or no, with a sing-song and a few pints, the GAA is finished. Longford's Michael Quinn got it right when tweeting: "Strange to see Fermanagh setting goals for the year & when they reach them people knockin their attitude to their defeat. Not every county team can win the all Ireland and should be realistic to this fact."

6. Cork's referee rant merely adds to lengthy line of great GAA excuses

There have been many, many great GAA excuses over the years and Cork shot straight to the top of the charts on Monday when they blamed a referee and the bad weather for the fact that they weren't in an All-Ireland semi-final. Darragh Ó Sé even went so far as to thank them for taking the heat off the Kingdom following their seven-goal haul against the Lilies. Of course, social media has given us access to a wealth of fantastically bad excuses, such as 'won't make training, I've a cow calving', or 'I'll miss the match, I'm in the beer garden'.

7. Cork ladies again show the right way with seven-goal quarter-final haul

Speaking of Cork, the ladies stars of the county have been showing everyone else how it's done. Again. Rather than whingeing about Munster final defeat to Kerry, they bounced straight back and put seven goals on Meath in an All-Ireland quarter-final last weekend. Their minors won the All-Ireland title on Monday too, cutting straight through Galway on their way to silverware, to show there's no end in sight to the talent coming through for the Rebels. It's a relief to see a good news story in women's sport following on from the Clare-Dublin-Wexford camogie debacle of recent weeks. Teams and players deserve to be in the spotlight for the right reasons.

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