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GAA dressing rooms and gyms to remain closed until further notice amid Covid-19 contamination fears


GAA dressing rooms will remain closed due to Covid-19

GAA dressing rooms will remain closed due to Covid-19


GAA dressing rooms will remain closed due to Covid-19

GAA facilities including dressing rooms and gyms will remained closed until further notice.

Dressing rooms and other club/county facilities were set to reopened on July 20 but that date has been kicked back in an attempt to reduce the risk of Covid-19 after a meeting of the GAA's Covid Advisory Group on Monday.

Handball alleys will reopen from next Monday onwards as well as club bars that do not serve food but Feargal McGill, the GAA's Director of Player, Club, and Games Administration, revealed the reasons for keeping dressing room doors closed.

"One of the key parts of our control measures around keeping clubs safe is trying to keep players outdoors as much as possible," McGill said.

"The reason for that is you are 19 times more likely to contract the virus indoors than you are outdoors. Purely from a common sense basis it doesn't make any sense for the GAA to open dressing rooms or gyms at this stage.

"The other reason is it lessens massively the possibility of a player being considered a close contact. If they have only been undertaking activities that are outdoors, it lessens massively a player being considered a close contact if one of his teammates or one of the backroom personnel happens to test positive."

McGill believes the control measures adopted by the GAA since clubs officially returned to training on June 24 are working well as he revealed that there have been no Covid cases "due to GAA activity".

"To the best of our knowledge nobody has contracted Covid due to GAA activity," McGill said. "Where GAA players or members have contracted Covid, it appears to be outside of GAA activity. That is hugely encouraging.

"It means, and I don't want to speak too soon, but our control measures appear to be working. We do realise it is an inconvenience to people that dressing rooms can't open, but there is good common sense behind that.

"It is designed to ensure that clubs are able to complete their fixtures and that no club is placed into lockdown."

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