Tuesday 20 March 2018


the tricolour and

National Anthem

The flag and the anthem means a lot to the GAA and will continue to do so, but who knows in the future?

In the future, if there are different agreements in place for the whole of Ireland, of course the GAA would be inclusive in that.

We have to learn from our international units that we should never have closed minds about things that we always thought were precious and sacred.

They may well be that, but we have to have open minds as to where this could go.

Club Players Association

I haven't seen anything that they've said they would upset me, to be fair about it.

They are saying is exactly what I've been saying myself - it's what the Ard Stiúrthóir has been writing in his reports for the last two, three, four years.

falling attendances

It's regional at the moment and from the figures, not just ourselves but many people looking at it, it tells us that there's still an appetite for our major games, certainly the concluding end of it.

There's certainly an appetite where it's very competitive in the provinces. But if it's not competitive, as in Leinster, there is an issue.

So you can't ignore the trends and of course it's a concern.

Reform of the All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals

We're hearing very strong vibes from the counties. They realise that they're going to have challenges in there as well.

They're going to have to make changes but that's the nature of it. But you can't separate fixtures programmes in football from hurling, it's just not possible to do that.

We have to listen to concerns, we have to point out, it always has to be in simple terms, if there are more positives, you have to go with it.

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