Tuesday 17 September 2019

CPA object to second-tier proposal over 'contradiction'

CPA chairman Micheál Briody. Photo: Piaras Ó Mídheach/Sportsfile
CPA chairman Micheál Briody. Photo: Piaras Ó Mídheach/Sportsfile
Colm Keys

Colm Keys

The Club Players Association (CPA) is stepping up its near two-year call for a 'blank-canvass' approach to the GAA's games calendar by urging support for a Roscommon motion to Central Council this weekend.

Roscommon are asking that Central Council "establishes a select committee to conduct an overall review of the National Games Programme in accordance with its powers under rule 3.42 (a) as the Supreme Governing body between Congresses."

The motion adds that "this committee should consist of appropriately-qualified people from both within and outside the GAA and should have a strong independent chair."

All Central Council delegates have been written to for support of this motion.

The CPA is also against both Central Competition Controls Committee (CCCC) suggestions for a second-tier championship.

One proposes a straight split between Division 3/4 and Division 1/2 teams after the provincial championships are completed, unless Division 3/4 teams have reached a provincial final.

The other suggestion proposes that such a split takes place after the second round of qualifiers. The CCCC believe that the second option would be more appropriate.

The CPA chairman Micheál Briody says that the addition of a second-tier competition is a "contradiction" of the GAA's position on fixture change during the three-year cycle of experiment with 'Super 8s'.

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"In the discussions we had with the GAA, we were told that there can't be a 'blank-canvass' approach considered until the second year of the current three-year trial of the new championship structures," said Briody.

"But contradicting that is the fact they are now looking to introduce a second-tier championship."

The CPA favour a second-tier championship but can't support it as it is "another change that doesn't take into account how club fixtures will be affected," according to CPA chairman Micheál Briody.


"The hurling changes and the Super 8s were introduced without proper consideration being given to the clubs and that has led to more dissatisfaction around the country with no meaningful games played in May/June or July in many counties this year."

The CPA has been calling for a 'blank canvass' policy to fixture-making for the last two years and now the Roscommon County Board has moved to bring it to a head this weekend.

Only last week, Kilkenny manager Brian Cody re-iterated his concern at the growing chasm between club and county players.

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