Sunday 17 December 2017

Spotlight on: Those dedicated Cailini of Camogie

Mags D’Arcy of Wexford, Ashling Thompson of Cork, and Lorraine Ryan of Galway
Mags D’Arcy of Wexford, Ashling Thompson of Cork, and Lorraine Ryan of Galway
Ashling Thompson of Cork

The Camogie Association launched the 2014 Liberty Insurance Championship with a new campaign that aims to bring the game to a wider audience. Our Game Your Game is focusing on inter-county camogie players including Mags D'Arcy of Wexford, Ashling Thompson of Cork, and Lorraine Ryan of Galway, throughout the season and will reflect the power, skill and athleticism of the game of camogie and those who play it, in an effort to boost attendance and the general profile of the sport.

"Focus, determination, skill and commitment are the qualities of all high performing athletes, regardless of gender," says President of the Camogie Association Aileen Lawlor. "We believe that if you support the hurlers in your county, give equal respect and support to your county camogie players. It's your game every bit as much as it is our game. If you have never been to a camogie championship match we want you to come and see us play, and be part of the positive change that's happening in women's sport."

The CA believes that as an organisation with the remit of being guardians for the women's game, they have a duty of care to future generations of Irish women, to show them that positive role models do exist in our country. "The burden of being a positive role model for women in sport should not sit solely on Katie Taylor's shoulders!" commented Lawlor.

"If young girls don't see positive role models in the media, they don't see the women's game on the television, they don't see female athletes profiled in the papers or online, they don't hear female athletes on the radio, if all they see is the male game, then this is what they will grow to support and go to see. That is only natural. We have to create the right environment in order to grow our game, and that is what we are trying to start doing now."

Game on

The Camogie Association has launched a new campaign called Our Game Your Game in a bid to boost the profile of the sport whilst putting the female athletes in the spotlight where they belong

Ugly and a winner

Toothy canine Peanut, who hails from North Carolina, USA, is beaming after taking home the top prize in the annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest. The toothy Chihuahua and shih tzu mix wowed judges with his uncharacteristically unfortunate looks in the contest that rates bulging eyes, large heads, overbites and winning personalities as champion criteria.

Peanut's lucky owner, Holly Chandler, pocketed $1,500 (€1,100) for her troubles, which she plans on donating to an animal abuse charity. According to Holly, Peanut's other hobbies mostly include curling up on plushy dog beds and trying to beat up his younger brother so it's lucky he found the time to take part in a competition of this calibre.

Ray at your service

Running late for your flight in Dusseldorf? Now you don't even have to park your own car. Those embarking on flights from the German city can leave their vehicle in the hands of trusty robot Ray who will take the keys and bang your car into any of the 249 new parking spaces designated for those eager to get rushing through the terminals. Jet-setters need only to let Ray know they are coming a few minutes in advance, through his own smartphone app, but his services do not come cheap at €29. Let's hope he's got a full license.

First published in INSIDER Magazine, exclusive to Thursday's Irish Independent

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