Wednesday 24 January 2018

7 Wonders for this weekend

Waterford selector Dan Shanahan
Waterford selector Dan Shanahan

Peter Sweeney

1. Kilkenny powerhouse with no spare tyres throws down challenge to Shefflin

It should hardly come as a surprise that county hurlers don't carry any extra weight these days and Kilkenny's TJ Reid hasn't a spare tyre in sight. That's because he's using them all to hold the plastic down on his mammoth silage pit. Taking advantage of the good weather he got the silage saved early. And he's saving on gym fees too, horsing the tyres onto the pile. "Who needs a gym when u have to throw a 1000 tyres onto a silage pit #silage15 #core #farming," he tweeted. He followed with a cheeky message to 'pencil pusher' Henry Shefflin, offering him some "men's work" on the second cut later this summer.

2. Fermanagh club left red-faced after their Facebook page turns x-rated

According to some pundits - and they should know - we've had some pretty ugly football in Ulster this year. The black death was even mentioned during Cavan's sole outing in the province. But things really got X-rated for one Fermanagh club this week when their Facebook page was hacked.

St Patrick's in Donagh were left red-faced when a computer virus posted pornographic images to their account. The club assures us that they have taken every precaution to make sure more graphic images don't appear.

Does that include footage of the upcoming Fermanagh-Monaghan clash, we wonder?

3. After Giles is 'dropped' by RTE, which one of the GAA pundits would you evict?

When news broke this week that 'senior analyst' John Giles wouldn't be on duty for RTE during this weekend's crunch Euro qualifier with Scotland, there was predictable outrage from a small section of supporters and a petition to Bring Back Gilesey was promptly launched. Of course, news that a particular analyst - take your choice - was left off the Sunday Game any given weekend, either afternoon or nighttime show, would be much more likely to spark national celebration.

Maybe it's time to start a petition to get some of the lads off the air. Perhaps even a 'Big Brother'-style public eviction to help drum up interest.

4. You can take the man out of the game but you can't take Dan out of hurling

You'd have to feel for poor, old Dan Shanahan. As happens every player eventually, time caught up with him and he had to retire. But the former Hurler of the Year and current Waterford selector clearly isn't comfortable being the hurler on the ditch.

Footage from last Sunday's epic Munster semi-final win over Cork was priceless, with 'Dan the Man' almost getting involved in the play once it came near the sideline. There he was, toes on the whitewash, all footwork and flailing arms. All he needed really was a pair of boots and a hurl in his hand.

5. When it comes to feeding the stars of tomorrow, breast is clearly best

However sorry you'd feel for 'Dan the Man', your heart really would go out to poor Valerie Lynch, mother of Limerick rising star Cian, who was Man of the Match in his Munster debut against Clare last month. Every time the exuberant Patrickswell teenager is interviewed he can't help but mention his mother's chest. Last month it was a breastfeeding story and earlier this week there was the follow-on, with her co-workers apparently enquiring after her cleavage in light of his comments. She must be morto. Still, at least Cian is doing her proud on the pitch.

6. This is no tall tale - time to have one 'last' minute's silence this weekend

There seems to be a minute's silence, or applause, ahead of most Championship matches these days. Which got us wondering - is there anything planned to make the death of James Last, composer of the iconic and much-loved Sunday Game theme tune, earlier this week? Silence or applause hardly seem appropriate. Maybe all of the teams involved in this weekend's big games should take to the field to the sounds of 'Jagerlatein' (that's 'Tall Tales Hunters Tell', to you and me).

7. Sligo's mighty Quinn shows he's good with his hands on stage, as he was on pitch

You get all sorts involved in inter-county football. Over the years there have been priests, fishermen, stonemasons, butchers and as many other occupations as you can think of. There have hardly been many professional pianists though, but that's exactly what former Sligo player Kieran Quinn is. He was tinkling the ivories while playing for the Yeats County, but now he's concentrating on the music. "Fingers now mostly playing piano not catching ball. Debut album 'Not Just Black and White' out now," reads his Twitter bio. During the week he played a well-received gig at Dublin's Sugar Club.

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