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Where are they now?

GER LYNCH (Former Kerry footballer): In 1984, wing-back Ger Lynch lined out in the All-Ireland final for Kerry against Dublin. He remembers it as a great occasion made even better by winning.

That year, Dublin were the defending champions but the rivalry from the 70s was still alive and well. Kerry took no prisoners and earned a five-point victory. The following year the two sides met again in the final when for the second consecutive year Kerry proved too strong and ran out four-point winners.

"Playing against Dublin is always special," said Lynch. "The crowds that travelled to Dublin for the game were massive, the media were out in force and the atmosphere in Croke Park was on another level."

The Valentia Island man completed the three-in-a-row in 1986, when Kerry beat Tyrone by eight points.

Looking back at those days, Lynch feels that the game has advanced in many ways. "There is a higher level of fitness now, they are almost professional. But we were at a new high at that time too, if you go back further they thought they were at a new high too. It seems to peak all the time.

"The game is very much about possession now. If we didn't pass the ball to the forwards, they would complain a lot more anyway. The supply is limited because of all the possession, I suppose they have to do that in ways, but I think a more direct ball is better. The forwards in our time would not stand for being so long without the ball."

Lynch works as a psychiatric nurse in Cahersiveen and although he doesn't play football anymore he is still involved. He coaches underage in his club, but that in itself has its challenges.

"Our pick here is very small, we wouldn't have a huge amount of players and that is a problem. But every rural place in Ireland is experiencing that problem at the moment so we just have to deal with it and try to make the best of the situation."

He will travel to Dublin for the big game today but thinks that it's almost too close to call.

"It's anyone's game really, Kerry are favourites and that will suit Dublin to a tee. They have been improving in confidence and beating Donegal will have helped them too. But I think it will be a draw."

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