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What's that, Skip? the ad's rubbish

FOUR years ago, the GAA ran TV ads for the Ireland-Australia International Rules series which emphasised the physical dimension of the game.

The Aussies more than obliged, displaying a level of violence which came very close to causing the permanent abandonment of the mixed-rules game.

The GAA are taking no chances with their ads this time but, dear God, who came up with the idea to depict this month's Ireland-Australia games as a naff set of rivalries? "It's Carrickstown against Ramsay Street, Dustin against Skippy, the Cliffs of Moher against Ayers Rock, the bodhran against the didgeridoo," purrs the voiceover, before adding: "The Aussies are coming 10,000 miles to try to beat us. They should be so lucky."

No, we're the unlucky ones, having to watch that sort of rubbish masquerading as a promotional tool for the games in the Gaelic Grounds, Limerick (October 23) and Croke Park (October 30).

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