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Walsh hits back at RTE for 'unfair' criticism


Kevin Walsh, Sligo

Kevin Walsh, Sligo


Kevin Walsh, Sligo

KEVIN Walsh has accused RTE's flagship GAA programme 'The Sunday Game' of being "unfair and unbalanced" in its coverage last Sunday night of the fall-out from Sligo's defeat by London in the Connacht football championship.

Former Sligo star Eamonn O'Hara, who has joined 'The Sunday Game' as an analyst this season, was critical of Walsh's performance as team manager, stating that the players deserved "better training and better quality in terms of tactical awareness". He also said that Walsh "had a lot to answer for".

Now, Walsh has hit back, telling O'Hara that he was not in a position to comment about internal panel matters since he was no longer involved.

Walsh's criticism of the manner in which the matter was covered on 'The Sunday Game' is sure to attract attention as he makes it clear that he was unhappy with what he regarded as a lack of balance.

"'The Sunday Game' was very unfair. I felt it was very unbalanced in its presentation of the issues that arose for Sligo from the London game. On top of that, there were certain allegations made that had no basis in fact – and they were allowed to be made without challenge or debate," said Walsh.


Acknowledging that O'Hara, whose lengthy career with Sligo ended last year, was entitled to his opinion as an analyst, Walsh added: "We certainly don't accept them as being valid."

Walsh explained that it was O'Hara's call not to continue this year.

O'Hara called for Walsh's resignation, but the former Galway double All-Ireland winner has no intention of stepping down and is already planning Sligo's attempt to re-launch their championship bid in the first round of the All-Ireland qualifiers on June 29.

Both the Sligo squad and the county board have come out in support of Walsh, who is in his fifth year as manager.

Sligo, who were favourites to reach the Connacht final for the third time in four seasons, lost to London by a point in what was the Exiles' first provincial win since 1977.

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