Tuesday 20 February 2018

The rematch record

2001: Roscommon 2-12 Galway 0-14 (Connacht); Galway 0-14 Roscommon 1-5 (All-Ireland quarter-final).

Tyrone 3-7 Derry 0-14 (Ulster); Derry 1-9 Tyrone 0-7 (All-Ireland quarter-final).

Fermanagh 2-13 Donegal 1-16 (Ulster); Fermanagh 1-9 Donegal 0-11 (Replay); Donegal 0-15 Fermanagh 1-6 (qualifiers).

Meath 2-12 Westmeath 1-14 (Leinster); Meath 2-12 Westmeath

3-9 (All-Ireland quarter-final); Meath 2-10 Westmeath 0-11 (Replay).

The first year of the All-Ireland qualifiers produced four rematches, raising questions as to whether counties who had already met in the provincial championships should be kept apart in the qualifiers/All-Ireland quarter-finals.

In three of the four rematches, teams who had lost in the provinces (Galway, Derry and Donegal) turned the tables against Roscommon, Tyrone and Fermanagh, respectively. Galway went on to win the All-Ireland via the 'back door.'


Cork 0-8 Kerry 0-8 (Munster); Cork

1-12 Kerry 0-9 (Replay); Kerry 3-19 Cork 2-7 (All-Ireland semi-final).

The first of several Munster/All-Ireland matches involving Cork and Kerry and, as has often been the case since, Kerry lost in Munster, but won in Croke Park. They lost by six points in the Munster semi-final, but thrashed Cork in the All-Ireland semi-final by 15 points.


Kerry 1-11 Cork 0-11 (Munster); Kerry 1-19 Cork 0-9 (All-Ireland semi-final).

Kerry completed the double in Munster and the All-Ireland semi-final.


Cork 0-10 Kerry 0-10 (Munster); Cork 1-12 Kerry 0-9 (Replay); Kerry 0-16 Cork 0-10 (All-Ireland semi-final).

A draw and a win for Cork in Munster, but Kerry asserted themselves comfortably in Croke Park. Once again, they turned a comprehensive defeat in Munster into an equally emphatic victory in the All-Ireland semi-finals.


Kerry 1-15 Cork 1-13 (Munster); Kerry 3-13 Cork 1-9 (All-Ireland final).

A Kerry double, with the All-Ireland final turning into a total disaster for Cork.


Cork 1-16 Kerry 1-11 (Munster); Kerry 1-13 Cork 3-7 (All-Ireland semi-final); Kerry 3-14 Cork 2-13 (Replay).

Cork were dominant down south and got their best result so far against Kerry in Croke Park, staging a late rally to earn a draw. However, it was business as usual in the replay which Kerry won by four points.


Derry 1-10 Monaghan 0-10 (Ulster); Derry 3-16 Monaghan 0-20 (qualifiers). Cork 0-13 Kerry 0-13 (Munster); Cork 1-17 Kerry 0-12 (Replay); Kerry 0-16 Cork 1-9 (All-Ireland final).

Derry were too good for Monaghan twice, while Cork beat Kerry in Munster, but once again lost in Croke Park.


Kildare 0-16 Meath 0-10 (Leinster); Kildare 2-11 Meath 0-14 (qualifiers).

A Kildare double, thanks to powerful second-half performances.

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