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The comeback kings...

Jimmy Keaveney

1974 (Dublin)

The Dublin marksman announced his retirement in 1973 at the age of 28, but within a year Kevin Heffernan, who had taken charge, had lured him back to play for the capital. The rest is history.

Larry Tompkins

1998 (Cork)

Tompkins had not played for Cork since 1995 but, after taking over as Rebels manager for the 1997 season, he became player-manager for the 1998 Munster semi-final defeat against Kerry. It was a short-lived comeback.

Ja Fallon

2006 (Galway)

Fallon was a selector with Galway under Peter Ford but the manager persuaded him to return for the 2006 qualifier game against Westmeath when he sustained a bad injury. He finished up again after the '07 season ended.

Darren Fay

2007 (Meath)

Fay did not feature for Meath in 2006 but the full-back came out of retirement to play a significant role as the Royal County reached an All-Ireland semi-final. He retired again in '08.

Mike McCarthy

2009 (Kerry)

McCarthy had not featured for the Kingdom since the 2006 All-Ireland semi-final, but he returned for the qualifiers three years later and was a highly influential figure as Kerry overhauled their season impressively to capture another All-Ireland title. He stayed on for another season but has not since returned.

And hurling...

Cork's Brian Corcoran retired at 27 in 2001 but defied all expectations when he ended a three-year exile to play in three subsequent All-Ireland hurling finals, winning in 2004 and '05.

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