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Shocking way to treat young talent

On Wednesday night four first-round games in the Leinster U-21 championship take place and most of the subsequent matches will also be on midweek nights. The same applies to the Ulster U-21 championship starting shortly.

All of these games are scheduled to take place a few days before a vital round of the National Football League and sometimes, as occurred this week, there are NFL games on the previous weekend also.

These GAA bodies feel they must go midweek to ease pressure on weekend county and club activity.

But this is a shocking way to treat these young footballers, where in some cases they are being asked to play two NFL games and an U-21 championship game in the space of eight days.

There are 365 days for playing games this year!

Surely there is a better way -- such as playing off the entire Cadburys All-Ireland U-21 championship in October, midweek, when there are no senior games.

The GAA should not tolerate this maltreatment of their best young players. Burnout how are you!

Irish Independent