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Royal mess turns nasty

Although his brief life as Meath football manager looks certain to be terminated at a meeting of the county committee this week, there is something noble about Seamus McEnaney's stubborn refusal to be cowed into resigning, even after the humiliating defeat to Louth.

From the beginning, through no fault of his own, McEnaney's stewardship was a disaster in waiting. If the board truly had faith in his appointment, they wouldn't have hobbled him by imposing Liam Harnan and Barry Callaghan as selectors, an unfair arrangement on all parties. Meath football simply wasn't ready for an outside manager.

The task facing McEnaney was huge and losing Joe Sheridan to emigration was an unlucky blow. The moves to replace him with Seán Boylan underline the deeper fissures in Meath football that they consistently seem either unable or unwilling to address.

Either way, it is a right Royal mess. If the GAA was an Olympic sport, it's easy to imagine the Sports Council threatening to withhold funding from Meath until they got their act together.


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