Wednesday 29 January 2020

Refs worth every cent

John Greene

Last year, a club I'm involved with spent over €500 on referees for underage games. It was money well spent.

As the GAA's rules currently stand, underage games must have an official referee. This is one of the key conditions of its player insurance policy. So, no official referee, no game. Simple as that.

The going rate is about €30, although many will charge less than that, and I have never met anyone who begrudges handing the fee over after a game -- no matter what the result.

Look at what you are getting for that €30. For starters, you are getting the guarantee that children are getting games. You are also getting a man or woman who has given up a minimum of two hours of their own time to essentially make sure children get games. They are certainly not doing it for the money.

I don't know about you, but in my book that's worth a lot more than €13.71.

Especially when you consider that a TD was 'entitled' to €50,000 worth of ink cartridges over two years.

Makes you think.

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