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Reclaiming Sam would eclipse every other title, insists Galvin

Paul Galvin has underlined the depth of desire among many of the Kerry footballers to win another All-Ireland football title by his insistence that it would mean much more than any they had won before.

Galvin, one of five Kerry players with four or more All-Ireland medals, feels the manner of their defeat to Dublin in the 2011 final would ensure that further success would dwarf anything that has gone before.

Galvin famously declared in the wake of the 2007 All-Ireland final win over Cork that "100 years of history" for Kerry football was riding on the outcome, but he now believes that success in 2013 would be even more significant than anything he has achieved with the team.

"More important than anything else? I think it probably would. Any All-Ireland final defeat is sore, but the manner of that one would make any possible one mean more than anything else. I think so," he said.

Galvin has admitted that any decision about his future with Kerry will depend on his career, not his level of physical fitness.

He said he was surprised by the "attention" his interest in lifestyle and fashion has brought to him.

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