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Outgoing Offaly chairman slams 'elite' grants

Outgoing Offaly chairman Ollie Daly has joined the growing list of GAA officials to voice opposition to the new GPA grants scheme for intercounty players.

Daly expressed his disapproval to the proposed system during the course of his final chairman's address at Offaly convention on Tuesday night.

Daly, who stepped down after three years at the helm, said: "I disagree with the GPA on one ground -- it's only for the elite players. We're after opening a can of worms and in four years time there will be some job trying to close that can."

Daly fears that if the economy falls on hard times in the coming years, the Government money for the proposed grants will be withdrawn and smaller counties like Offaly will suffer.

He added: "We could be standing in a tunnel somewhere in a few years and some player may say 'I'm not getting my money so I'm not going out.' "

Meanwhile, Daly has been replaced by Coolderry's Pat Teehan as chairman.

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