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O'Riordan rampant

Meelin advanced to the semi-finals after a first-half onslaught by the Cork and Munster champions proved enough to defeat Lancashire side Fullen Gaels in Birmingham on Saturday.

Shane O'Riordan's first-half goal brace combined with Eamonn Brosnan's six points (five frees) left the Lancashire side with an uphill task and despite a more even contest in the second period Gaels were unable to claw their way back into serious contention.

Meelin landed a major blow with their first goal of the game after five minutes, a scramble for possession in midfield saw O'Riordan pounce and solo towards goal to fire a low shot past Gaels' goalkeeper John Farrell, a trick he repeated on 20 minutes.

Scorers -- Meelin: S O'Riordan 2-3, E Brosnan 0-6, B O'Sullivan 0-2, W Buckley, J Forrest, L Collins, J Forrest 0-1 each. Fullen Gaels: K Codd 0-4, C Maskey 0-2, P O'Brien, A Gray 0-1 each.

Meelin -- S M O'Sullivan; M Forrest, D O'Riordan, D Linehan; W Buckley, K Collins, J Forrest; L Collins, W Murphy; B O'Sullivan, S O'Riordan, J Forrest; E Brosnan, C Murphy, DJ O'Sullivan. Subs: J O'Doherty for J Forrest, B Collins for L Collins, TJ Brosnan for W Murphy, D O'Callaghan for DJ O'Sullivan.

Fullen Gaels -- J Farrell; B Griffiths, E Hansberry, S O'Hanlon; P Breen, P Murphy, K Driver; K Codd, N Morris; P Gray, R Connor, C Maskey; P O'Brien, C Cafferkey. Sub: C Vaughan for B Griffiths.

REF -- R Mathews.

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