Sunday 18 March 2018

O Se blasts trial by TV as Galvin faces two-month suspension

Colm Keys

Colm Keys

Kerry are fuming over the proposed two-month suspension that Footballer of the Year Paul Galvin is facing over his latest incident with Cork's Eoin Cadogan.

Officials in the Kingdom were hoping that Galvin might escape censure for the incident that saw him stick his index finger in Cadogan's mouth and tug his jaw downwards as they clashed in the concluding stages of Sunday's replay.

But they learned of Galvin's fate yesterday evening after the CCCC decided that the forward should face a proposed two-month suspension -- a month for engaging in behaviour deemed to be dangerous to an opponent, which is doubled because of a repeat offence last February when he was sent off against the same opposition.

The proposal to suspend him comes after consultation with referee Pat McEnaney, who concurred that the incident in the 70th minute of the replay required disciplinary action.


McEnaney is understood to have reviewed the decision on Monday night and conveyed his decision to Croke Park yesterday morning.

Privately, Kerry feel that if the Galvin incident was being revisited, at least one other incident should also have had a light shone on it, specifically where Derek Kavanagh picked up a yellow card for grabbing Colm Cooper by the throat. It is understood that McEnaney was not asked to review that incident or any other during the game.

On Newstalk's 'Off The Ball' last night, former Kerry midfielder Darragh O Se laid the blame firmly at the door of 'The Sunday Game', which he felt did not offer balanced coverage of the game and went "above its station".

In particular he was critical of Anthony Tohill, who described Galvin's actions as "unacceptable".

O Se said Tohill appeared to have a "bee in his bonnet" and went on too much about it. "He (Tohill) was automatically judge and jury on the whole thing and he shouldn't be judge and jury on it. I felt he should know better," O Se added.

O Se said he did not think Galvin's action in placing his finger in Cadogan's mouth and dragging downwards was deliberate.

"This is overkill completely. Paul is suffering over his reputation on this occasion," said O Se who called for greater balance between criticism and praise. He also refuted suggestions that Galvin could quit the game.

"The Paul Galvin I know is completely committed to the Kerry jersey. I don't think he will pack in the game."

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