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Nolan case highlights inconsistency

LONGFORD vented their displeasure some weeks ago at the unavailability of Brian Kavanagh for their opening Allianz National Football League game with Roscommon due to his involvement with Kilmacud Crokes.

In fairness to Kilmacud, none of the other three clubs in the All-Ireland club SFC semi-finals released their county players for league action either. However, Longford were surprised to see that another Kilmacud player, Kevin Nolan, played for DCU in the Sigerson Cup last Thursday.

The explanation was that since Nolan is on a scholarship programme, the circumstances were different. It still doesn't alter the fact that Longford, who draw from a small playing panel, were without a star performer a full 21 days before the club semi-final while his club colleague played a major colleges game 11 days later.

We're back to inconsistency again.

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